EFI Puts Eco-Friendly Metals and Alloys First

What does it mean to be ‘environmentally conscious’? Most of us take the time to make Earth Day Image 1greener choices, but it hasn’t always been easy. Activists began lobbying for environmental protections since the industrial revolution. In April of 1970 the first formal event, Earth Day, was celebrated. Marking the importance of environmental awareness has become an annual event. On April 22nd, we, along with the rest of the world, will show our support for protecting the environment.

Because we supply metals and alloys to high-tech industries, EFI works diligently to ensure that all our materials meet the strictest environmental regulations. Through managing supply chains and suppliers, we deliver products that restrict substances that are dangerous to humans and the environment. By surveying our major suppliers for compliance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS), we can state that EFI is in compliance with all directives for manufacturers using our metals and alloys.

Complying with Directives 2002/95/CE and 2011/65/EU confirms that our steel and alloy products do not contain substances such as asbestos, PBBs, Penta or octa-BDE brominated flame retardants, organic tin compounds, organophosphate compounds, phthalates, ethylene glycol ethers, PCBs, or Chromium (VI) and its compounds. Cadmium, lead, mercury are not added to any of our alloys, but trace amounts may be present because of raw material impurities. Directive 2003/11/EC compliance ensures that Pentabromodiphenyl ether (pentaBDE) and Octabromodiphenyl ether (octaBDE) are not found in any of our steel and alloy products.

Adhering to governmental regulations is vital to today’s manufacturing sector across all industries. Earth Day is a celebration of such resulted clean air, water, and land. Through regulatory programs, rules are in place to lessen the industrial impact on the environment.

When our special purpose metals and alloys are used in components for aerospace/aviation, electronics, medical, lighting, optical, telecommunications, ceramics, and other high-technology industries, you can be sure that they do not contain known hazardous substances and are fully compliant with RoHS Directives 2002/95/CE, 2011/65/EC, and 2003/11/EC.

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EFI’s Capabilities Stand Out in New Video

Video Image to Link March 2016They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. So what is a video worth? To us a video is priceless and lets us ‘speak’ to our customers in a way that text on a page simply can’t. Having the ability to promote our products and services through short videos lets us focus on a topic using words and pictures.

Here you can watch the video we have prepared to explain our specialty metals and alloys. You will note a company overview, the industries we serve, and our capabilities. In this one short video we highlight how we deliver the materials you need when you need them.

For over 50 years EFI has been supplying and warehousing the highest quality special purpose metals and alloys for the aerospace, electronics, aviation, defense, magnetic, optical, telecommunications, and other high tech industries. Our extensive inventory includes controlled expansion alloys, electronic nickel, soft magnetic alloys, refractory metals and alloys, and are stocked in a wide variety of forms such as bar, rod, sheet, plate, coil, strip, wire, and foil. Various thicknesses, diameters, lengths, widths, and tempers of these metals and alloys are available. We can also machine materials to meet exact specifications.

With Inventory Management and Consignment and Custom Stocking Programs, EFI is your full-service materials supplier. Managing and storing your materials enables us to help you keep your production running, streamlines the manufacturing process, and reduces costs. To learn more about EFI’s high quality materials and outstanding service programs, please contact us today.

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NASA Delays Mars Lander Launch

Because December was a huge holiday focus, we wanted to recap some big NASA news that flew under the radar that month. As industry professionals connected to and involved with the aerospace industry, we like to highlight the ins and outs of space agency projects and missions in an effort to ensure that the resources and materials that engineers need are on hand.

On Dec 22, 2015, NASA announced that the launch of the Mars lander, InSight, is going to be delayed indefinitely. The InSight lander was developed as a stand-alone Discovery mission to reveal key details about the seismic activity and internal structure of the planet, including the size of the core. It was scheduled to launch March 2016, but discovery of a leaking instrument has currently grounded the mission.

Working in collaboration with CNES (the French Space agency) and DLR (the German space agency) NASA discovered a leak in the vacuum chamber surrounding a seismometer supplied by CNES. The instrumentation is so precise that it requires a perfect vacuum to deliver reliable results. The engineering team was aware of the leak and delivered a series of fixes to seal the chamber; however, in simulated tests of the extreme cold temperatures of Mars, air was still making its way into the chamber. The next launch window won’t come until mid-2018 and it is still undetermined if it will launch at all.

This recent breaking news from the aerospace industry reveals how important it is for the materials and systems to be error free. Just the slightest bit of air leaking into the chamber renders the instrumentation useless and the mission results unusable. As specialists with specialty metals and alloys, we understand this importance.

We will continue to monitor the progress of this mission. Turn to EFI for industry updates on our blog, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.




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A Bright Forecast Predicted for 2016

EFI 2016 Image (1)With the holiday celebrations over, we’ve been working hard to prepare for the year to come. This year promises to be another busy and exciting year in the metals industry. Industrial metals are used throughout a wide range of industries, for example: automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical, and telecommunications. When industries need hard to find or specialty materials, they know to contact Ed Fagan Inc.

Some big news on the agenda is that we are combining companies this year to better serve our customers. EFI Specialty Metals, LLC will now come under Ed Fagan Inc., incorporating both companies under one heading. It will now be easier for companies to directly access the full line of special purpose alloys and metals that we stock and are able to source. Customers of Specialty Metals will see no lapse in service and will continue to receive outstanding products under our close attention to detail. Operations will run even smoother now that the companies have merged.

As the technology sectors continue to surprise us with newer and better offerings, Ed Fagan will continue to be there to support innovation. As we recently saw at CES 2016, there are new and exciting products being developed. It is no surprise that the high-tech industry continues to make improved devices for home, health, and safety applications.

With so much going on in the industries we serve, we expect to be very busy again this year, supplying the specialty metals and hard to find materials that industries rely on. Ed Fagan delivers the materials you need, exactly when you need them!

We look forward to working with you in the coming months. Please contact us to learn more about our products and services.

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2015: A Look Back at the Year’s Highlights

2015 was exciting, eventful, and went by very quickly. Although it’s hard to believe that Ed Fagan Building Image Jan. Blog Post 1the year is at an end, now is the perfect opportunity to remember some of the highlights of past 12 months.

One of the most notable changes we made this year was to our website and its functionality. The new website features a responsive design to help users easily navigate through the site on different platforms. All of our web pages, links, literature, technical info, and product information was converted to be accessed on all mobile technology such as smart phones and tablets. This new format allows for continued access and order capabilities for customers on-the-go.

Another memorable change was the introduction of our newest Senior Manager of Special Accounts, Larry Taylor! Read our May blog for further information on his involvement as a great addition to our team!

With regards to our products and inventories, we addressed market concerns and customer requests for additional specialty products. EFI’s inventory now includes:

Super Invar: We added this ultra-low expansion alloy to meet the increasing demands and growing applications in structural support components and in precision instrument systems. We now offer Super Invar in bar, sheet, and plate forms.
Alloy 42: We expanded our inventory and began stocking new options for this controlled expansion alloy. Seeing the increased use of this material in the electronics, aviation, telecommunication, medical, and automotive industries prompted us to stock additional forms and sizes as well as offering custom made options.
Molybdenum: Because of its unique properties and characteristics, Moly’s use in high temperature applications is increasing. As a refractory metallic element, it is used in many industrial components and applications. Our stock includes vacuum furnace molybdenum and TZM molybdenum alloy as well as a large inventory of Moly in bar, sheet, plate, foil, strip, and coil.

As a leading supplier of specialty metals and alloys, it is important that we listen and are responsive to the needs of industry and our customers. At EFI it is our mission to deliver the materials needed to keep the aerospace and aviation, defense, medical, electronic, telecommunication, and high-tech industries supplied with the materials they need to innovate and excel.

In 2016 we look forward to continuing to meet new challenges while remaining the most valuable resource for current and new customers.

From all of us at EFI we hope you had the happiest of holidays!

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Seeing the World through High Tech Optics

When thinking of optics you probably visualize lenses and glasses. These shaped and formed glass pieces are the traditional form, but modern optics is a relatively new field of science and engineering that has led to the creation of technologies such as lasers, LEDs, and image sensing.

As optical engineering has progressed, the materials used in innovative optical systems have also progressed. Many applications require hermetical sealing glass with metal. To be effective, both the metal and the glass must have similar characteristics. Optoelectronics, optical and laser benches, vacuum tubes, and power tubes are all dependent on precision glass to metal sealing.

The modern optical age began when scientists began experimenting with Pyrex and how it could be used for new applications in reflective optics in astronomy. The original Pyrex was made from borosilicate glass, a very heat resistant material, which produced a clear glass with low expansion. These characteristics made it strong, durable, and able to withstand high temperatures without warping or melting.

Sealing glass to metal was the next innovation for optical technology. Finding the right material was a challenge. To successfully join (or wet) metal and glass, the thermal expansion of the two materials must be closely matched so that the seal is solid as the materials cool. Engineers tried many materials and found a winning combination in controlled expansion alloys such as Kovar.

Today, when an optical piece is required, a component is machined from a controlled expansion alloy and then covered in glass and hermetically sealed so that the glass is not damaged. This process is used in the manufacturing of items such as night vision glasses or big screen projection TVs.

The developments in wetting glass to metal have enabled engineers to create advanced optical technologies for research, defense, space exploration, medical, and consumer applications. EFI is integrally involved with the industries that are developing and manufacturing innovative products. The controlled expansion alloys we stock are widely used throughout manufacturing for forming the hermetic seal between metal and glass that is required in high tech optics.

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Ed Fagan Inc. Celebrates 50 Years in Business!

Fifty years is major milestone! It is a time to celebrate the past and all of the accomplishments and growth that have happened. Since 1965, Ed Fagan Inc. has been a leading supplier of specialty metals, alloys, and hard-to-source materials for high tech 50th Anniversary Image Nov. 2015and industrial applications.

Our History

Ed Fagan, himself, started out as a sales rep. for a company called Carborundum that sold controlled expansion alloys and soft magnetic alloys (glass ceiling alloys) that were used in creating air-tight seals for glass and ceramic products. Kovar, a brand of controlled expansion glass ceiling alloy, was a material the company sold from the start.

In 1965, Ed decided to start his own sales company in the New York metro area, named Ed Fagan Inc.

The business did very well and in 1984 became a distributor for VDM Technologies, a German manufacturer of soft magnetic alloys. Expansion to California in 1985 allowed the company to serve the manufacturing industry located in the Western U.S.

We expanded our product range to include refractory metals and alloys in 1995 and continue to be a trusted supplier of specialty metals to top OEMs.

The Company Today

Ed Fagan Inc. carries an extensive inventory in a wide variety of formats that are available for immediate delivery. We also work to include any new products that join our market. Currently our inventory includes:

  • Glass-to-Metal and Ceramic-to-Metal Sealing Alloys (Controlled and Low Expansion
  • Electronic Grade Nickel
  • Soft Magnetic Alloys
  • Refractory Metals and Alloys

We provide programs to help streamline manufacturing and enable you to order material to meet your specific needs. With experienced and knowledgeable sales people, we will be able to meet any request no matter how unusual an alloy, size, or grade of material.

We have served the aerospace/aviation, defense, electronics, ceramic, heat treating, magnetic, medical, lighting, optical, and telecommunications industries for 50 years and expect to continue being the top supplier of materials for the next 50! Contact us today for your specialty purpose alloys and metals. We look forward to working with you as a valued part of the contribution!

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