Ed Fagan Stands Proud of Its Contributions this National Manufacturing Day

nmd-logo-oct-2016National Manufacturing Day has become a successful ritual. Officially hosted on the 7th of October 2016, this year scores of producers around the US will open their doors to inquisitive minds of the future generation and invite them to delve deep into the world of manufacturing.

Shattering Myths:

Generally projections are fuzzy estimations. It is very difficult to predict with a high degree of accuracy just how strongly the manufacturing sector will grow over the coming years. But one thing is for certain. The skill gap that it is experiencing will not improve if the major players do not work together to shatter the myths that keep competent candidates from aspiring for manufacturing jobs.

The youth of today is stuck in a 1950s view of manufacturing when the term “blue collar” implied limited growth opportunities, income or respect. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Today a skilled floor worker can earn an average compensation of $79,553 compared to $64,204 which is the benchmark in other industries. They also enjoy some of the best health benefits in the country. Manufacturing has evolved into a career that is more financially rewarding than other pursuits.

Most eligible prospects believe that manufacturing is manual labor with little scope of leveraging finer skills. Again their ideas must be revised because the US is predicted to overtake China to earn the top spot for the most competitive nation in the world. The manufacturing industry, valued at trillions of dollars, it is the lifeblood of the country requiring workers to have knowledge of engineering, robotics and mechanics to handle the increasingly sophisticated equipment.

Ed Fagan’s Role in US Manufacturing:

A market leader in special purpose alloys, Ed Fagan is proud of doing our part both in terms of supplying industries with the highest quality of Controlled Expansion Alloys, Electrical/Electronic Nickel, Soft Magnetic Alloys, and Refractory Metals in a variety of pre-fabricated forms and in supporting sectors that are leading manufacturing as a profession into the future by working on cutting edge projects with the technologies of tomorrow.

Boasting a long history of associations with Aerospace/Aviation, Defense, Electronics, Magnetic, Medical, Lighting, Optical and Telecommunications Ed Fagan’s well stocked, up to date inventory and fast timely deliveries have contributed to the profitability of these industries that are driving the youth of the nation to take an avid interest in manufacturing again.

If you would like to collaborate with Ed Fagan and experience our stellar service and product range, please reach out at sales@edfagan.com.


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