Alloys Hiperco 50/A & Super Invar are Scripting a New Success Story for Ed Fagan Inc.

The global economy is ever expanding. Development of new applications runs far and wide. Areas that were previously thought to be unreachable are now experiencing both interest and investments. Under such circumstances, industries are always on the lookout for new or existing alloys with unique and desirable traits.

Hyperco 50 & Super Invar:

The demand for Hiperco 50 and 50A (an alloy of 49% cobalt, 2% Vanadium and balance Iron) has been steadily increasing over the past few years.  A variety of custom sizes and forms are available. Hiperco 50 is strip product while Hiperco 50A comes in bulk form like billet and bar.  Hiperco 50 and Hiperco 50A both have highest magnetic saturation of any commercial alloy. This makes them quite unique. Hiperco 50 is an ideal choice for special motors and generators in the aerospace industry where weight is an important consideration. Electric generators, radiology instruments, specialty transformers,  and magnetic bearings are some of the other applications that benefit from Hiperco 50 and Hiperco 50A.

Super Invar, on the other hand, has a composition of 32% Nickel, 5% Cobalt and balance Iron. It has the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion at room temperature of any nickel based alloy. Super Invar is much sought after by sectors requiring parts that exhibit minimal dimensional variations with changes in temperature. Super Invar is often selected for use in optical instruments, telescopes, laser instruments and equipment, ring laser gyroscopes, laser benches, positioning devices and metrology devices. It is available in bulk forms.

Ed Fagan and Super Alloys:

Over the past 50 years, Ed Fagan has established a trusted market reputation for procuring, machining, and supplying Soft Magnetic and Controlled Expansion alloys. EFI is the trusted partner of choice for businesses that mandate top performance from products. If you wish to a develop opportunities for your company with these materials, contact Ed Fagan Inc. and ensure only the very best in raw material for your various manufacturing efforts. Here is our link!

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