Ed Fagan Ramps Up Safety in June

The materials that we use here at Ed Fagan require a high level of safety when you are working with or around them. Our aim is year-round safety, but with National Safety Month coming up, we like to ramp up our safety efforts, both in terms of education as well as practice.National Safety Month 2016 logo in green

National Safety Month 

Every June, the National Safety Council puts together packages of resources highlighting important safety topics around the home, the workplace, on the road, or out in your community. These can range from general avoidance and response, to how to handle specific safety issues. Materials include safety measurement tools, charts for educating and changing unsafe behaviors, and more.

Safety with Metals and Alloys

At its end point, metals and alloys are pretty cut and dry when it comes to safety concerns – it’s merely a matter of weight and size. That being said, safety still needs to be exercised when handling large amounts, as the usual dangers from improper lifting, falling objects, and other materials handling factors are present.

Of course, when we handle them here, the metals and alloys require much more in the way of attention to safety. As we roll, melt, bend, and shape these materials, we are using dangerous machinery, as well as materials with potentially toxic materials. We look at these factors as two different areas. For the latter, we have surveyed all of our major suppliers, and all have been certified as Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) compliant. This means all steel and alloy products are free from materials including asbestos, chromium, lead, mercury, and other hazardous materials along these lines, as can be seen here.

In regards to the dangers of production and handling, we utilize the latest in safety methods, including lock out/tag out procedures, regular safety meetings, extensive training on new machines, regular refreshments, corrections for older machines, and more.

Our company will always strive to perform with safety in mind, as this keeps our work-family safe, and allows you the customer to know that your material is responsibly and safely manufactured. At Ed Fagan Incorporated, while we will celebrate National Safety Month, we strive to make safety a year-round endeavor, and hope you will join with us and the National Safety Council to make your home, workplace, and roads safer for everyone.

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