A Bright Forecast Predicted for 2016

EFI 2016 Image (1)With the holiday celebrations over, we’ve been working hard to prepare for the year to come. This year promises to be another busy and exciting year in the metals industry. Industrial metals are used throughout a wide range of industries, for example: automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical, and telecommunications. When industries need hard to find or specialty materials, they know to contact Ed Fagan Inc.

Some big news on the agenda is that we are combining companies this year to better serve our customers. EFI Specialty Metals, LLC will now come under Ed Fagan Inc., incorporating both companies under one heading. It will now be easier for companies to directly access the full line of special purpose alloys and metals that we stock and are able to source. Customers of Specialty Metals will see no lapse in service and will continue to receive outstanding products under our close attention to detail. Operations will run even smoother now that the companies have merged.

As the technology sectors continue to surprise us with newer and better offerings, Ed Fagan will continue to be there to support innovation. As we recently saw at CES 2016, there are new and exciting products being developed. It is no surprise that the high-tech industry continues to make improved devices for home, health, and safety applications.

With so much going on in the industries we serve, we expect to be very busy again this year, supplying the specialty metals and hard to find materials that industries rely on. Ed Fagan delivers the materials you need, exactly when you need them!

We look forward to working with you in the coming months. Please contact us to learn more about our products and services.

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