2015: A Look Back at the Year’s Highlights

2015 was exciting, eventful, and went by very quickly. Although it’s hard to believe that Ed Fagan Building Image Jan. Blog Post 1the year is at an end, now is the perfect opportunity to remember some of the highlights of past 12 months.

One of the most notable changes we made this year was to our website and its functionality. The new website features a responsive design to help users easily navigate through the site on different platforms. All of our web pages, links, literature, technical info, and product information was converted to be accessed on all mobile technology such as smart phones and tablets. This new format allows for continued access and order capabilities for customers on-the-go.

Another memorable change was the introduction of our newest Senior Manager of Special Accounts, Larry Taylor! Read our May blog for further information on his involvement as a great addition to our team!

With regards to our products and inventories, we addressed market concerns and customer requests for additional specialty products. EFI’s inventory now includes:

Super Invar: We added this ultra-low expansion alloy to meet the increasing demands and growing applications in structural support components and in precision instrument systems. We now offer Super Invar in bar, sheet, and plate forms.
Alloy 42: We expanded our inventory and began stocking new options for this controlled expansion alloy. Seeing the increased use of this material in the electronics, aviation, telecommunication, medical, and automotive industries prompted us to stock additional forms and sizes as well as offering custom made options.
Molybdenum: Because of its unique properties and characteristics, Moly’s use in high temperature applications is increasing. As a refractory metallic element, it is used in many industrial components and applications. Our stock includes vacuum furnace molybdenum and TZM molybdenum alloy as well as a large inventory of Moly in bar, sheet, plate, foil, strip, and coil.

As a leading supplier of specialty metals and alloys, it is important that we listen and are responsive to the needs of industry and our customers. At EFI it is our mission to deliver the materials needed to keep the aerospace and aviation, defense, medical, electronic, telecommunication, and high-tech industries supplied with the materials they need to innovate and excel.

In 2016 we look forward to continuing to meet new challenges while remaining the most valuable resource for current and new customers.

From all of us at EFI we hope you had the happiest of holidays!

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