Ed Fagan Inc. Celebrates 50 Years in Business!

Fifty years is major milestone! It is a time to celebrate the past and all of the accomplishments and growth that have happened. Since 1965, Ed Fagan Inc. has been a leading supplier of specialty metals, alloys, and hard-to-source materials for high tech 50th Anniversary Image Nov. 2015and industrial applications.

Our History

Ed Fagan, himself, started out as a sales rep. for a company called Carborundum that sold controlled expansion alloys and soft magnetic alloys (glass ceiling alloys) that were used in creating air-tight seals for glass and ceramic products. Kovar, a brand of controlled expansion glass ceiling alloy, was a material the company sold from the start.

In 1965, Ed decided to start his own sales company in the New York metro area, named Ed Fagan Inc.

The business did very well and in 1984 became a distributor for VDM Technologies, a German manufacturer of soft magnetic alloys. Expansion to California in 1985 allowed the company to serve the manufacturing industry located in the Western U.S.

We expanded our product range to include refractory metals and alloys in 1995 and continue to be a trusted supplier of specialty metals to top OEMs.

The Company Today

Ed Fagan Inc. carries an extensive inventory in a wide variety of formats that are available for immediate delivery. We also work to include any new products that join our market. Currently our inventory includes:

  • Glass-to-Metal and Ceramic-to-Metal Sealing Alloys (Controlled and Low Expansion
  • Electronic Grade Nickel
  • Soft Magnetic Alloys
  • Refractory Metals and Alloys

We provide programs to help streamline manufacturing and enable you to order material to meet your specific needs. With experienced and knowledgeable sales people, we will be able to meet any request no matter how unusual an alloy, size, or grade of material.

We have served the aerospace/aviation, defense, electronics, ceramic, heat treating, magnetic, medical, lighting, optical, and telecommunications industries for 50 years and expect to continue being the top supplier of materials for the next 50! Contact us today for your specialty purpose alloys and metals. We look forward to working with you as a valued part of the contribution!

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