New Offerings for Alloy 42

Starting this month, EFI is expanding our inventory and stocking new options for Alloy 42. Alloy 42 is a controlled expansion alloy, widely used in electronic applications, semiconductor lead frames, and is particularly important in forming seals between metal, glass and ceramic.

Also known as Pernifer 42, NILO 42, and Glass Seal 42, Alloy 42 consists of 42% Nickel, SuperStock_1598R-191236-glass-sealingbalance iron. The constant low rate of thermal expansion makes this alloy ideal for applications in the aircraft and aviation industry, telecommunication sector, medical industry, and automotive industry. It can be easily formed, either hot or cold, and meets ASTM F-30, MIL 1-23011 CL 5, and AMS 1-23011 CL 5 specifications.

We stock most standard stock forms and sizes of Alloy 42 including: custom made rods, annealed sheets, annealed plate, and annealed strip/coil. To meet your exact specifications, we have the capabilities to cut, slit, shear, or centerless grind Alloy 42 and offer exceptional versatility to provide custom sizes and packages.

Serving high technology applications, EFI is experienced in the requirements of glass-to-metal and ceramic sealing applications. Working closely with the top names in industry, we are able to consistently meet the needs of OEMs by supplying them with the highest quality materials available on the market.

Our new forms of Alloy 42 will be stocked and ready for you when you need them. Give one of our materials experts a call to learn more about our newest Alloy 42 offerings.


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