Super Invar Available from EFI

Ed Fagan Inc is committed to providing the materials you need, when you need them. We are always looking for ways to improve our services and widen our inventory to fill your needs. With the recent increasing demand for Super Invar, we have now expanded our product lines and inventory to better service the growing market.

Super Invar is an ultra-low expansion alloy that is ideal for structural support components and substrates in instrument systems requiring precision measurements. Some of the applications of Super Invar include optical instruments, telescopes, laser instruments and equipment, ring laser gyroscopes, laser benches, positioning devices, metrology devices, and other applications that require lower expansivity than regular invar.

As an added bonus, when you purchase Super Invar from EFI you have access to one of the developers and original creators of the grade. If you have any questions regarding Super Invar, our expert will definitely have the answer!

The ranges/forms in which Super Invar is most often specified include:

• Super Invar Alloy Round Bar – 0.500″ – 2.00″
• Super Invar Alloy Sheet – Cold Finish – 0.039″ – 0.118″
• Super Invar Alloy Plate – Cold Finish – 0.500″ – 2.00″

Super Invar PDF Image

If you need Super Invar in other sizes or finishes and other alloys or materials for your application, speak with an Ed Fagan representative. New stock sizes, forms and finishes are added often.

Contact Us to learn about our inventories and additional services today and take a look at our Super Invar PDF for further information!

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