Molybdenum’s Role in Modern Manufacturing

Oven ImageSpecialty metals are our specialty. With that said, Ed Fagan Inc. is a leading supplier of Molybdenum (Moly), a metal that is vital to many of today’s industrial components and applications. Moly is widely used in many industries. Its versatility means that it is invaluable to processes and applications throughout the heat treating, electronics, aerospace, and nuclear industries.

Molybdenum, a refractory metallic element, has unique characteristics and properties. In many high temperatures applications Moly offers strength and hardness not found in other materials. Its low coefficient of thermal expansion, low vapor pressure, and high melting point, also makes Moly well-suited for high temperature applications. It also has good thermal and electrical conductivity, high strength, and durability.

Industrial applications for Moly include:

• High temperature furnace windings, structural furnace members, containers for parts and components exposed to high temperatures, and hot work tooling and fixtures
• Cathodes, magnetron end hats, filaments, wire leads and more for electronics
• Medical X-ray targets and tube components
• Missile parts including nose cones, structural parts, nozzles, support vanes, heat shields and other components

We stock a large inventory of Molybdenum including Vacuum Furnace Molybdenum andMachining_Molybdenum_Cover TZM Molybdenum Alloy. All materials are ready to ship from either one of our two U.S. facilities located in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey and Los Alamitos, California. We stock bar, sheet, plate, foil, strip, and coil. To meet customer specifications, Ed Fagan has the capabilities to provide saw and waterjet cutting operations to any Molybdenum product.

We source Moly from best producers in the world and offer market competitive pricing that enables our customers to be competitive within their own industries.

If you need Molybdenum delivered quickly, we are the company to call. With the highest quality products at the most competitive prices, no one offers the same level of outstanding services.

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