EFI Welcomes Larry Taylor

As the leading supplier of specialty metals, alloys, and hard-to-locate materials, it is often difficult to find people who possess the expertise and knowledge of the products we handle. At this time, we are very fortunate to welcome Larry Taylor to our company. Larry is an expert on Controlled Expansion and Soft Magnetic alloys and metals, and will enhance our ability to meet the needs of our customers.

Larry has recently retired from Carpenter Technology Corp. located in Wyomissing, PA. Not one to go into retirement easily, Larry will be the Senior Manager Special Accounts to assist us in expanding global sales, marketing, and customer contacts. With Larry on-board, we are adding another level of knowledgeable information to our line of special purpose alloys and metals that enhances our existing technical resources. His experience with international and domestic sales for the aerospace/aviation, defense, medical, and industrial markets makes him a perfect fit for our team.

At Carpenter Technology for over 40 years, Larry held the position of Product Manager of strip and bar products. In this role he was instrumental in overseeing the broad range of nickel-iron controlled expansion alloys, as well as soft magnetic alloys. His responsibilities included managing customer needs in areas such as product designs, logistics, distribution, marketing, and many more. He was influential in assisting major global OEMs and their subcontractors in acquiring the best material to meet their stringent requirements.

Carpenter Technology is one of our largest suppliers and we have known Larry for many years. With his product knowledge, his knowledge of EFI’s services, and the various needs of our customers, we are lucky to have Larry as a part of our sales force.

If you have any questions on alloys or are interested in learning more about the alloy products we stock, please contact us. Larry is ready to help you find the right material for your application. Having 40+ years in the specialty alloys and metals industry makes him an invaluable resource. We are very glad that Larry is willing to share his talents with us as we continue to grow our company.

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