Thank You! Your Increased Support Helps Us to Continually Improve Our Customer Service

The specialty metals market is competitive and it’s not easy meeting the demands of the industrial marketplace. Since 1965, we have been supplying metals, alloys, and hard-to-find materials to the aerospace and aviation, defense, electronics, medical, and telecommunications fields, to name just a few of the industries we work with. That being said, we would like to thank all of our loyal and supportive customers for valuing the services we provide.

A great example of a partnership between supplier and customer is the increase in support of Kovar and Invar products. These controlled expansion alloys are being widely used in applications where a hermetic seal is required between metal and glass or edfagan1-2015ceramic, for example in lamps, power tubes, vacuum tubes, or in applications where a specific expansion is required over a certain temperature range, as in optical and laser benches and optoelectronics.

The increase in demand for both Kovar and Invar, over the last few years, has enabled us to significantly increase our inventory and receive discount pricing from our suppliers. Our increased inventory was acquired before market forces increased the pricing of some of the metals used in the manufacturing of these alloys. With inventory at pre-increase prices, we are able to offer our customers a lower cost than other suppliers.

Our Kovar products are purchased from high-quality mills that double vacuum melt the materials for the highest level of cleanliness available. We have expanded our inventory of Kovar to include stock in sheet, rod, plate, coil/strip, and photo-etch and are stocking Invar in rod, sheet, and plate.

A wide range of sizes are available for all Kovar and Invar materials that are ready to ship for quick delivery. Since we are purchasing these alloys in bulk we are able to offer the best prices in the industry.

Along with supplying the highest quality materials on the market, we place a great value in meeting the needs of our edfagan1-2015 2customers. With a specialty in solving inventory management problems, we partner with each one of our customers to source the material and deliver it to meet your production requirements. Many of our customers utilize our Consignment Program which reduces costs and improves service.

With better purchasing power comes better customer service and programs. At Ed Fagan, we provide our customers with the best possible options for material sourcing, inventory, and pricing. We will help you reduce manufacturing and material costs. Customers using programs such as Consignment or Custom Stocking are able to see even greater savings because manufacturing costs can be set for a certain period of time. A commitment to a program delivers value throughout the whole year!

We look forward to continuing to serve you with the outstanding customer serve and quality materials that you have come to expect. Contact us today to see how we can offer you the best materials in the market today!

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