Current Trends in the Electronics Industry

edfagan1-2015Just about everything we touch today incorporates electronics. From cars to coffee makers, the electronics industry is an integral part of our modern world. We couldn’t live without our gadgets and innovations in medical technologies and healthcare are improving our lives each day. So, what does the near future hold for electronics?

A look at the hottest items at the Consumer Electronics Show highlight where the industry is headed. Gadgets, of course, were popular items and drones, phones, and games didn’t disappoint. The miniaturizations of electronics has been a boom for smart watch technology and fitness trackers. Wireless technology integrated into electronics leads the way for wearable tech devices and smart clothing.

Safety and autonomy are the future of automobile electronics. Automatic braking systems are improving to prevent accidents, sensor systems monitor perimeter hazards, and infotainment systems are required packages. Almost every car manufacturer is working on some type of autonomous vehicle. The self-driving car isn’t ready yet but it is a part of our future.

Home automation is another area that the electronics industry is taking charge of. The Internet of Things (IoT) connects our devices to a single platform that a user can access automatically. From the refrigerator to a lightbulb, electronically monitoring and controlling household items is becoming possible. Microcontrollers and apps reduce costs and are helping the technology improve and increase.

Technology in drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (remember when we played with remote controlled cars or planes?) are flying high with consumers. It is predicted that there will be a 55% increase this year in sales of drones. Combining wearable technology with drones makes for more personal control. As drone popularity increases, new avenues will open up. We’ve already seen ideas floated for drone delivery services for packages and restaurant food. This area is just opening up.

Electronics have also played a large role in automating machinery and factories and will continue to do so. Industrial robots are increasing and are expected to reduce manufacturing costs. The versatility of automation may lead to advances in robotics into home and elder care situations.

Today’s electronics industry help solve design challenges and improve components that are relied upon by almost every other industry. Our lives are enhanced by these technologies we can expect continued improvements in the future.

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