A Closer Look at the World of Tungsten Alloys

Radiation shielding. Vibration dampening. Airline and aerospace. Sporting goods. Automotive and medical. You may not realize it, but Tungsten alloys are found in a wide variety of applications, due to their versatility and attributes. They are roughly 50% denser than lead and 1.7 times denser than steel. Tungsten is an alloy that is also markedly safer to work with than lead and uranium and comes in different combinations. The three main types of Tungsten alloys that we work with are:

Tungsten Carbide

Popular for wedding rings, tungsten carbide is made up of 80% elemental Tungsten and 20% carbon. It offers excellent scratch and tarnish-resistance and is hypoallergenic.

Tungsten Nickel Copper

Depending on the type, it usually consists of 90-95% Tungsten, 3.5-6% Nickel, and 1.5%-4% Copper. You will find Tungsten nickel copper in products that demand less magnetic permeability and lower tensile strength and ductility.

Tungsten Nickel Iron

Once again, this alloy comes in different forms but it contains between 90-97% Tungsten, 2.1-7% Nickel, and 0.9-3% Iron. This strong combination makes this alloy perfect for high-temperature applications like casting and ballast.

At Ed Fagan Inc., we stock Tungsten alloys per ASTM B777-07 standards in a wide range of grades and densities (17.00 GM/CC to 18.50 GM/CC). One of benefits of making Ed Fagan your Tungsten alloy provider is our wide selection of standard stock products. If it is in stock (and it usually is), we can get you any stock of Tungsten alloy, often shipping them within 24 hours!

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