More Kovar and Invar than Ever Before

Everyone at Ed Fagan is excited to tell you all about our new expanded inventory of Kovar and Invar! So why is this such great news and why should you be interested? It turns out that both Kovar and Invar are innovative and versatile alloys that play critical roles in modern manufacturing.

  • Kovar (ASTM F-15, Pernifer 2918, Dilvar P1 and NILO K)

Kovar, a nickel-cobalt ferrous alloy, is used in power tubes, transistors, diodes, and a wide range of scientific instruments.

  • Invar (Invar 36, NILO 36, Pernifer 36, and Invar Steel)

Invar is low expansion alloy consisting of 36% Nickel, balance Iron. It is perfect for applications that demand minimum thermal expansion and high stability. You can find it in optical devices and electronics.

At Ed Fagan, we have made a commitment to expand our inventory of both Kovar and Invar by 50%. This encompasses all forms including bar, rod, sheet, plate, strip, and coil. This big decision was sparked by our belief that the U.S. economy is only going to get stronger in 2014. We know that you will be busy, so we want to make sure that we have a deep inventory of both Kovar and Invar on hand at all times. Let us be your partners in Kovar and Invar!

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