Ed Fagan Europe: Winners of the SC21 Bronze Award

At Ed Fagan, we have been providing quality specialty metals to clients in a variety of industries for almost 50 years, and we are truly honored whenever we are recognized for what we do. Therefore, we’re thrilled to announce that Ed Fagan Europe received the SC21 Bronze Award on July 3, 2013.

Ed Fagan award winners

Chris Mahn and Dave Stembridge being presented the award by Neil McManus, Chairman of SC21

The award and certificate were presented to us at the Industry SC21 Task Force event at the F1 Williams Conference Center Didcot. The SC21 program is a key industry venture for aerospace, defense, security, and space, and it is overseen, governed, and managed by ADS, on behalf of UK industry. The SC21 award is presented to companies who achieve supply chain improvement that is critical to the continued global competitiveness of UK industry.

We had been working diligently for 12 months, with support from WEAF and ALB Associates, in order to achieve this prestigious award. It recognizes the quality within Ed Fagan Europe as a whole, as well as the many months of hard work leading up to it. This award sets us on a path for continuous improvement for the overall benefit of our customers—for whom we are very grateful—and we accept it with immense pride. We truly strive to offer our customers the best possible delivery and quality performance for Controlled Expansion, Soft Magnetic, and Refractory Alloys, and this award is evidence of the efforts we consistently go to for our customers.

Ed Fagan award winner

Chris Mahn and Dave Stembridge being presented the award by Neil McManus, Chairman of SC21

We would like to thank our customers and suppliers for their help in this achievement, and we look forward to a successful future with them.

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