Testing, Testing…for the Right Materials and Alloys

It’s no secret throughout industry that design engineers—those engineers that are responsible for the design, development, performance, integration, production, and operating parameters of critical parts and systems—often test many aspects of a project before deciding on the final processes, materials, and part design. There’s no surprise, then, that design engineers will also test a variety of materials before determining which alloys, metals, and grades are best suited for that particular application. What are they testing? They often need to evaluate a number of properties including mechanical, chemical, thermal expansion, corrosion resistance, magnetic and electrical properties of the materials, as well as examine the performance of these materials in simulated production and operating environments.

No doubt it is helpful to these design engineers to be provided with small, laboratory-testing quantities of alloys and metals that they can use for their analyses during the product development phase. As special purpose alloy and metal suppliers ourselves, we often deal directly with the design engineers. This is why we have begun a lab-testing sample program that can provide these engineers with small amounts of the special purpose alloys and metals we stock, allowing design engineers to do their work more efficiently.

Being able to test the functionality and machinability of alloys and materials in the product development phase certainly helps engineers choose the most appropriate material and process necessary to get the part completed. We are happy to be of service in any way we can.

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