Introducing: Our Vacuum Furnace Molybdenum Component Stocking Program (VFM)

It’s an exciting time for all of us here at Ed Fagan. Why, you ask? In the February issue of Industrial Heating, a highly accredited industry publication we follow, we were featured. Specifically, we highlighted our newest product launch: A Vacuum Furnace Molybdenum Component Stocking Program (VFM).

Let us provide a short introduction to our newest product. Our vacuum furnace grade molybdenum is available in rod, sheet, plate, wire, threaded rod, and nuts, and is very useful in vacuum furnace heat-treating, and other high temperature operations. These molybdenum products are used as replacement materials for support structures, furnace rails, heat shields, heating elements, evaporation boats, and crucibles, among a variety of other applications. As one of our core products within our refractory metals and alloys line, molybdenum has been a successful metal for us. So we decided to expand the sizes we stock and deepen our inventory, so that we could offer this new program for the vacuum heat treating repair markets. In particular, our VFM program offers the following molybdenum products: rod 0.010” up to 2.0”, sheet 0.005” up to 0.187”, DDQ sheet 0.005” up to 0.060”, plate 0.1875” up to 1.00”, wire 0.001” up to 0.125”, and threaded rod and hex nuts in assorted sizes.

Not only can we offer immediate shipment of all stock molybdenum products, but we can also provide custom machining to the materials as well, including cutting or centerless grinding. We hope that our molybdenum products can properly meet the exact needs of all those in the vacuum furnace industry! Stay tuned for even more information as we continue to launch this new program!

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