Need a Hand Managing Specialty Metals and Alloys?

To do business effectively as a metalworking firm, it is imperative to properly plan production, yet react quickly to changing customer requirements. You must maintain adequate inventory of raw material —but having too much on hand ties up valuable capital resources, while not enough can jeopardize your ability to meet demanding customer deadlines. If you are a consumer of specialized alloys, choosing Ed Fagan as a sourcing partner solves that equation.Ed Fagan

How did it all start? In 1965, Ed Fagan, Sr. began selling electronic alloy products as a representative for Westinghouse Corp. In 1971, when they sold the product line, he founded Ed Fagan, Inc. and opened a warehouse to stock these unique materials and make them available for immediate shipment, mostly in small quantities. In the following decade, he was approached by VDM Technologies to sell soft magnetic sheets to electro-magnetic industries, and a 30 year partnership was born. Over time, as technology developed, customers looking for a source of refractory products fueled our continued growth.

Today, we are a worldwide supplier of controlled expansion alloys, electrical/electronic nickel, soft magnetic alloys, and refractory metals and alloys. What sets us apart? Our ability to solve the inventory management problems of our customers. We ship stock items within 24 hours. If your material requirements are small, we aggregate demand and use our buying power to source it at a reasonable cost. If you have a technical issue, our in-house metallurgy experts can guide you to a solution. We can find any special purpose material and get it to you as quickly as possible. We offer inventory management services, including consignment and custom stocking programs. And, we provide toll processing to get you the materials you need in the forms and sizes you require.

MaterialsEd Fagan, Inc. is proud to be a valued supplier for companies ranging from small start-up firms to some of the world’s largest high-tech leaders. For more information about how we can help you with your specialty metal demands, please visit our website or contact us today.

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